Mark W. Malinowski, MS, CFE, CAMS

Mark Malinowski has over 20 years working in both the banking industry and as a law enforcement professional conducting financial crimes investigation, detecting fraudulent activity within public and private organizations and designing fraud prevention programs for various business and government agencies.

Mark Malinowski is currently a Detective Sergeant with the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office supervising the Special Investigations/Economic Crimes Unit, which investigates economic crimes, internal affairs, corruption, and organized crime for all municipalities throughout Ocean County, New Jersey. He was deputized as a US Marshal/IRS Special Agent from 2007-2009, while investigating an international gambling and money laundering operation. He was a member of the Ocean County Regional SWAT team from 2009-2011.

Mark Malinowski has conducted and supervised various types of financial investigations ranging from theft by deception, money laundering, asset forfeiture, organized crime enterprises (street gangs and traditional), racketeering, tax offenses, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, Ponzi schemes, embezzlements, and the tracing of financial funding for domestic and international narcotics trafficking throughout the State of New Jersey and on a global scale.
These financial investigations have provided him with the expertise to locate and secure the documentation needed to perform the financial data analysis of financial institution accounts and corporate financial statements, which are essential for court testimony. He has testified in New Jersey Superior Court as the lead detective for several complex white-collar crimes investigations including homicide and narcotics trafficking. These career experiences have provided him with a vast knowledge of how financial crimes are perpetrated along with the ability to analyze financial data to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute the various levels of worldwide financial fraudulent activity that impact all types of businesses and individuals of all ages.

He has earned a Master of Science degree in Financial Fraud and Forensics from Carlow University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Studies with a concentration in Marketing from Stockton University. He holds the professional certifications as a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).

In addition to the above information, Mark Malinowski is a certified State of NJ police instructor who teaches at the Ocean County Police Academy and the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice Academy training recruits in the areas of fraudulent documents, financial investigations, internal affairs, money laundering, organized crime, asset forfeitures and the financial exploitation against senior citizens.

In 2013, Mark Malinowski established Framework Financial, LLC, which specializes in the development of anti-fraud educational courses and fraud risk consulting for all types of businesses and public sector agencies. This led him to be the instructor and designer of the Certificate in Financial Crimes Investigations program held at Stockton University’s Center for Public Safety & Security. He has presented as a subject matter expert and is currently an adjunct instructor at several colleges and private companies throughout the country on the topics of financial crimes, money laundering investigations and asset forfeiture.