Framework Financial, LLC was founded to provide specialized anti-fraud educational seminars to businesses providing them with the knowledge and tools to develop internal programs essential to preventing and detecting financial crimes from impacting their bottom lines.

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Financial crimes and fraudulent practices can cause severe financial hardship to a company along with a negative public opinion for both current and future clients. Framework Financial strives to provide guidance through educational seminars and detailed fraud assessments to protect your company’s assets.

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Our goal is to provide management and front line employees with the knowledge to recognize the key elements of financial schemes and fraudulent practices that if not discovered could result in substantial losses to your business.

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  • Security of personal and business data is an important element to every business's internal controls.

    Bulgarian hacker on the run for 10 years will spend next 30 months in prison in N.J. cybercrime case
    Aleksi Kolarov, 32, who pleaded guilty to identify theft and related charges, was connected to a mysterious group known as the Shadowcrew, which became a virtual on-line bazaar for people to buy and sell stolen credit card numbers.
  • This shows the need to continue your education on how criminal enterprises are laundering illegal funds through our country's banking system. Check out for training opportunities.

    Feds: Dealers sold 'Hurricane Sandy' heroin, talked in code
    The drug trafficking ring that was disrupted Thursday operated like a business – with concerns about quality, customer satisfaction and branding – and dealers were cautious and went at length to conceal what they were doing, federal court papers show.